Quantum Jump Your Set Point

Have you ever wondered why you can't seem to make significant progress in all areas of your life?  You seemingly make headway in one area, say in your career, and your personal relationships fall apart.  Or, you up level in your financial success and you get pneumonia.

This frustrating phenomenon is known as set points (or upper limits) and we have them in every area of our life; money, relationship, with our body, and in feeling successful and expressing our greatness in business and in the world!

In this video series, we dissect the reason for set points, unveil powerful clearing tools, visualizations, and signature processes to quantum jump your set points. 



Quantum Jump Your Set Points

 With over 3 hours of rich video content, 6 signature processes, clearing loops, audios and more...this dynamic video series will catapult you beyond the set points that have stopped your progress in the past.  

$300.00 USD