Rise of the Empath

Are you a person who is deeply affected by the emotions of other people; especially loved ones?  Are you tired of absorbing other's negative energies and running all of that through your body (resulting in depression, anxiety and fear)? 

Is it time to rise up and allow the gift of being an Empath to serve YOU?  

What if you rising up to your true potency is the change this world is desiring?  

In this jampacked content filled three-part video series, we walk you through how to radiate your energy out instead of absorbing and taking things in.  We not only offer a powerful visualization process to deeply connect you into your essence but we walk you through how to be that powerful essence in your every day life.  


In this series, we share all of our wisdom, tools, and clearings.  We  show you how to radiate out in such a way that nothing can come in and take you out allowing you to finally be the big force and impact in the world that you truly want to be. 

Rise of the Empath Offer

With almost 4 hours of rich video content, signature processes, clearing loops, PDFs, audios and more...this deep, powerful, and paradigm shifting series will transform you as an Empath from angst to powerful. . In this series, we show you how to connect to your true powerful essence, to be the light and potency you are and let it ripple it out and make the impact in the world you were meant to. Are you ready to rise up and embody the gift that you are as an Empath?! 

$147.00 USD