The Best Relationship Advice We Never Got

In this content packed 3 part Video series, Megan and Suzanne reveal the best Relationship Advice they never got.  Throughout this series you will be:

  • Clearing Your Crap - Letting go of your unconscious beliefs and patterns about relationship that you most likely mimicked from good ol' Mom and Dad.  

  • Creating A Vision - Learning what it takes to create a new vision for yourself and your relationship.

  • Collecting Your Tools - Integrating 20 +  practical tools that will revolutionize your relationship.  

Real, practical and off-the-wall funny, Megan and Suzanne utilize their collective 20 + years of coaching experience and their own personal stories of how they created their dream relationship of 6 years to engage and empower YOU.  

Walk away from this series clear, confident and equipped with practical tools to create the happy and intimate relationship you desire!

This Video Series is for You if You: 

  • Tend to rehash old patterns and conflicts with your partner and find it difficult after a conflict to come back into deep connection and intimacy.
  • Would like to uplevel your communication skills with your partner so that you are both heard and gotten.
  • Find yourself secretly wanting your partner to show up differently and change a challenging pattern about themselves.
  • Had a childhood where your needs weren't met by your parents and find yourself projecting those needs onto your partner even if you know better!


  • 3 Videos (Total 120 min)

  • Audio Only (So you can listen at work or on the road)

  • Customized Clearing Loop by Megan Sillito (With added bonus clearings not in the video series!)

  • PDF Manual filled with all the tools, processes, and clearings


The Best Relationship Advice We Never Got

This 3 part Video Series is PACKED full of candid, funny and fresh content, personal insights, and practical support so you can CLEAR your crap around relationships, CREATE a vision, and COLLECT the best tools to create your dream relationship!          

$97.00 USD