The Alchemy of Magic

As budding magicians, it’s easy to get distracted by the lull of everyday life; bills to pay, mouths to feed, work to get done.

It’s easy, especially in busy or stressful times, to forget about the magic, the magic in you desiring to emerge, the magical encounters you can have with nature and the magic that transforms everyday life into an extraordinary adventure.

Are you ready to move beyond the mundane
and create a life that’s full of magic Every. Damn. Day?

The Alchemy of Magic

Join Megan and Suzanne for an Alchemical Experiment:  21 days of every day Magic !     Commune with other Magicians in 3 Zoom calls beginning Dec 2nd where you will learn the fundamentals of every day magic.   Receive Magical Infusions (including Megan's signature Molecular Infusion Process) to invite your body to connect in with ALL energies of magic    Conduct powerful daily magical experiments (led by Megan and Suzanne) to tap the magic of nature, your body, the universe and your environment.  

$197.00 USD