Lead You, Accelerate Your Life!

Back in 2013, after being continually disappointed about how the concept of leadership was being displayed in books and in the corporate boardroom, Megan chose to be radically different. (Yeah not the first time that's happened!)


She created a successful coaching program called "Weird Leadership"  where she inspired entrepreneurs to look at leadership differently.  In that revolutionary program, she taught that in order to accelerate your life, you must choose to lead it.  But she didn't stop there, she also encouraged the group to lead with their "weird", with the talents and capacities that they might have otherwise hid.  



Fast forward to today and Megan's still passionately talking about how true leadership is applicable to us all.  In this 6 part video series, with 180 minutes of awesome content, she breaks down the concepts of leadership into bite size pieces.

She explores:

1 - The What and Why of Leadership

2 - Leading Through Choice

3 - Awareness in Leadership

4 - The Key to Extraordinary Leadership

5 - Leading Without Approval

6 - How Vision + Vulnerability = Win!!!

Why not choose to step into the extraordinary leader inside of you?  

(Product includes 6 videos approximately 30 minutes in length as well as an audio only version for busy individuals on the go.)



Lead You, Accelerate Your Life!

This 6 part Video Series is PACKED full of candid, fresh content, personal insights, and practical tools so you can claim the powerful leader in you waiting to be expressed.    

$99.00 USD