Weird Anniversary FREE Gift

Have you secretly been desiring to listen to our radio show but forget, get distracted, or busy? Have you been telling yourself you will get to it one of these days?  If so, this FREE gift is for you!


In honor of our anniversary, We've organized our 50 radio shows into 7 categories with easily downloadable PDFs that have summaries of each show, quotes, clearings, and best of all, easy links so you can click and listen to any show based on the topic that's currently interesting to you!

What category are you upleveling around right now?  

Be You

Be Wealthy

Be Weird

Be Happy

Be Happy (In Relationship)

Be Healthy; Be Wealthy

Be Adventurous

Just choose one, and give yourself the gift of clicking on the PURCHASE OFFER button to the right, go to the category you desire and download the content rich PDF we've created just for you.  

P.S. As an extra bonus, Megan has created customized clearing loops in each of the categories so you can get a head start on creating change in every part of your life.  

Enjoy.  And know, we appreciate you!  

Weird Anniversary Free Gift

Have you been secretly wishing for a way to "hack" our radio show so that you can effectively gleen the content and learnings without having to listening to 50 hours of radio?  If so, this FREE gift is for you! Under each category, there's a summary of each show including juicy quotes, powerful clearings, and easy to use links direct to the show you desire.  Just click on the "PURCHASE OFFER" button below.