Magic Infusions

During a transformational event, big space opens and new magical parts and pieces of you emerge and then you go home and Life Happens, and it's like you were never magical.

And sometimes it gets so bad you believe the whole magical adventure was a grand delusion.

So to avoid the crash, Megan has created Magic Infusions.

Each call is 44 minutes of magical molecular infusion (w/ some added coaching) to fortify your magic and exponentially grow it.

Each call she will be infusing awesome juicy energies like these:

  • Magic and Miracles
  • Gratitude
  • Capacities and Brilliance
  • Earth Magic and Elementals
  • Bodies
  • Luxury
  • Enthusiasm
  • Money

Isn't it time to give yourself the gift of ongoing support so you can really integrate the magic and possibility you opened up and the new YOU that is emerging!?

Magic Infusions

Eight juicy Infusions to exponentially grow your magic! 

$245.00 USD