Money Magic (From the Inside Out)

Join Megan on a journey of transformation where she uses her 20 + years of coaching experience and the tools of Access Consciousness to open you up to the MAGIC money can be in your life.  

Money Magic is a 4 part video series (with audio only version too) which includes eight hours chock full of juicy content. 

Money Magic is about:

  • Choosing to function from pure abundance, joy and creativity.

  • Allowing money to be the awesome by-product it was meant to be in supporting your life vision.

  • Leaving money challenges behind and jumping into the game of money.

What if money simply desires to support your vision and purpose? What if it’s YOU that’s not letting it?

This course is for you if:

  • You’re ready to radically change your “come from” with money! 

  • You know in your bones you are ready to do what it takes to have money flow.

  • You’re up leveling your money game and desire creating AND having money to be easier and more fun!


Includes: Eight hours of juicy video content split into 4 easy to watch segments (It also contains an audio only version so you can take it on the road!) Please note this is PG-13 due to strong language occasionally! :) 

Money Magic (From the Inside Out)

Join facilitator and coach Megan Sillito for a two day transformational workshop where she declares: “This workshop isn’t really about money, it’s about changing the world, it’s about magic, and it’s about owning your gifts and capacities to such a degree that money cannot help but fall at you in big droves of treasure chests.”

$297.00 USD