Money Magic Clearing Loop and PDF

Didn’t take copious notes during the Money Magic weekend or missed the class entirely? No worries! Feel confident the juicy meat of the weekend is summarized for your listening and reading pleasure.

Megan has recorded over 30 minutes of clearings in the Money Magic Clearing Loop that come directly from the 2 day transformational Money Magic weekend. Additionally, every clearing and awesome quote that Megan spoke is summarized in an easily downloadable PDF.

(Note: The Money Magic Clearing Loop and PDF is a companion product to the Money Magic course. The Money Magic Clearing Loop includes a written summary (PDF) and an original 30 minute clearing loop created by Megan. If you haven't purchased the course, please go here: )

Continue juicing the content of this magical weekend by purchasing the money clearing and PDF today!


  • One 30 minute downloadable audio of Megan delivering powerful money clearings.
  • One downloadable PDF which includes all written clearings and awesome quotes from the Money Magic Course.




Money Magic Clearing Loop and PDF

Over 30 minutes of money clearings, a PDF of every clearing, and all the channeled quotes from money facilitator Megan Sillito. Download this juicy clearing loop and listen every day for at least 30 days and watch your life uplevel in unexpected and surprising ways!

$97.00 USD