A groundbreaking one day workshop to unleash your power, primal essence, and pleasure.


Embodied, Primal, Confident

Through sacred ritual, deeply experience your primal essence and shed shame, guilt, and pain. 

Fierce, Powerful, Free

Through potent visioning processes, claim your sovereignty, and reconnect to your personal power source.

Sacred, Sensual, Instinctual

By tapping into your innate body wisdom, move boldly and sensually through the world as the wild woman you are.

Workshop Logistics

Date: Saturday, January 27, 2018
Time: 10am to 6pm  
Place: Draper, UT
Price: Early Bird $127 / Regular $157

Early Bird available through January 19. Price does not include food.

Destination for Your Unleashing

14258 Canyon Vine Cove, Draper, UT

Meet Your Guides

Suzanne Stauffer

Suzanne Stauffer is a Guide, Truth Teller, and Soul Revealer. Her mission is to help people come to their own soul truth, and unveil the most authentic, magical, and abundant self they have ever ever imagined. One of her passions is supporting women in healing their bodies, reclaiming their voice, reconnecting to their intuition, and feeling empowered in every areas of their lives. Suzanne has worked with hundreds of individuals and entrepreneurs to help them master money, revolutionize relationships, create blissful bodies, and source their own spirituality. Her unique background and 20 years of experience consists of certification and training as a psychic, personal trainer, health coach, and accountant. She is the co-host of Love, Life, and All Things Weird Radio Show and co-founder of The Weird Academy.

Natalie Vartanian

Natalie Vartanian is a Certified Life Coach, Relationship Expert, Business Strategist, Facilitator, Writer, and Speaker/Teacher. Her mission is to inspire people to dream big and take the risks to have it all and live a turned on life. One of her passions is supporting women in reclaiming their sensuality, being guided by their innate wisdom, and feeling free in every area of their lives. She has worked with women from across 5 continents to help them get the sex lives and the relationships they truly desire. She also loves supporting women in connecting to their passion and purpose work, as well as building businesses that make a difference in the world, in a way that feels fun, easy, and alive. She is the host of the Taboo and Turn On podcast, previous co-host of Sex the Podcast, and creator of the Virtual Love Course.

Welcome to Your Unleashing

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