Money Magic (From the Inside Out)

Join Megan on a journey of transformation where she uses her 20 + years of coaching experience and the tools of Acces...

$297.00 USD

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Money Magic Clearing Loop and PDF

Didn’t take copious notes during the Money Magic weekend or missed the class entirely? No worries! Feel confide...

$97.00 USD

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Lead You, Accelerate Your Life!

Back in 2013, after being continually disappointed about how the concept of leadership was being displayed in books a...

$99.00 USD

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Weird Anniversary FREE Gift

Have you secretly been desiring to listen to our radio show but forget, get distracted, or busy? Have you been tellin...


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From Wounded to Magical

You've had some challenging moments in your life, starting as a child.  Moments of not being heard or understood...

$197.00 USD

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From Self Abuse To Confident And Free

If a lot of these ring true, don’t get discouraged. The first step to changing anything is to become aware of t...


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Healing the Wounded Child

A Life Changing process so you can EMPOWER YOURSELF with real choice and eliminate and eradicate whatever is holding ...

$7.00 USD

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Project Infusion

What if infusing key energies into your product or project is the KEY to opening up to ease and flow in creation? Wha...

$47.00 USD

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Magic Infusions

During a transformational event, big space opens and new magical parts and pieces of you emerge and then you go home ...

$245.00 USD

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The Best Relationship Advice We Never Got

In this content packed 3 part Video series, Megan and Suzanne reveal the best Relationship Advice they never got. &nb...

$97.00 USD

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Here's what's in store at the Weird Academy!

Weird Leadership

Learn to lead with your "weird". Take all those talents and capacities you used to hide and let them be the aspects of you that people see first. Let them be your beacon of strength.

Weird Love

Find out what it means to create love relationships where both parties get to be 100% authentically expressed with no compromises. How's that for weird?

Weird Business

Interested in learning how to do business YOUR way? Forget the rules, systems, and protocol. It's time to learn to follow your intuitive whispers.